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Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats Recipe eBook!


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“The Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats Cookbook is by far THE BEST thing that has happened to me since I started eating clean! The recipes are delicious beyond words and don’t give you a stomach ache after you indulge unlike regular fatty processed treats do!” Shelly, San Diego County


“Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats has been a perfect addition to my healthy lifestyle. The recipes are way lower in calories than your traditional baked goods and desserts without compromising the flavor! I can still satisfy my sweet tooth without the guilt factor. The recipes are super easy to make, the directions are easy to understand and the quality of ingredients is fantastic. I also love the vegan and gluten-free options as well. My whole family loves them!” – Megan, Long Beach


“I never expected that I could actually have snacks and treats but with your ebook, I found many different ways I could actually enjoy snacks that were healthy and could taste delicious! Easy to make and a great way to add tasty treats to your healthy eating.” – John, Orange County


“I used to be intimidated by the words “gluten free” and “clean eating,” but this cookbook makes it both possible and delicious! It is an investment for yourself and your entire family, with easy to follow recipes that will quickly become family favorites!” – Jenn, Temecula


“The Sweet Treats eBook is seriously amazing. The recipes are so good you can’t even tell they’re healthy. Thank you so much for creating this for those of us with an intense sweet tooth!” – Emily, Baton Rouge


“I made the lemon bars from your eBook and took them to a party Labor Day weekend. They were a big hit and my friends couldn’t even tell they were healthy! I just love all the recipes in this book!” – Brenda, Phoenix


“You ROCK and the Sweet Treats & Healthy Eats eBook is so awesome. I’m so glad I found this because I haven’t been able to find healthy desserts. I’m new to eating healthy and exercising and this book makes it way easier to enjoy eating desserts without feeling so guilty. Thanks!” – Ashley, Florida


“I just bought your eBook and the pictures inside are so beautiful! This is by far the most well-done recipe book I’ve purchased. It’s so detailed. You and your mom obviously put a lot of work into this book. I can’t wait to start baking!” – Vanessa, Toronto


Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough by Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats

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