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I’m only accepting PayPal payments at this time. It’s free and easy to sign-up! You can do so on their website:

If you pay using an eCheck, your payment will take longer to process than a direct payment. This means you may not receive your program right away. To find out when you can expect your eCheck to clear, take a look at the top of your PayPal receipt for the date.

Nothing is physically mailed to you, this program is in PDF format as a digital eBook.

Due to the digital nature of the eBook, there is no fair way to “return” it like a tangible book. There are no refunds or exchanges for the Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats Dessert eBook.



After you confirm your payment, you will be redirected to a page to download your program.

Your receipt and a link to download your eBook are automatically sent to the main email address associated with your PayPal account. This extra e-mail download link is just in case there is a problem when you are redirected. Please save these emails in case you lose your eBook for proof of purchase.

After you have downloaded the program, the download link in your email will have served its purpose and no longer be valid. To prevent theft, the download link does not allow for unlimited downloads. Once the eBook has been downloaded, it is on your computer and can be accessed at any time! Yay!

You MUST download the program to your computer or iPad only (do NOT download to a phone).

iPad Users: I recommend downloading from an internet browser other than Safari (ie. Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer). Some iPad users run into trouble downloading PDFs due to their settings. If for some reason the eBook won’t download to your iPad, try using a computer or laptop for the initial download, and then simply transferring the eBook to your iPad afterward.

Tablet Users: Not all tablets are able to download or view PDF files. Make sure to check first to see if your device is able to view a PDF. With some tablets, you can view a PDF if you have downloaded a PDF reader app.

Smart Phone Users: To view the eBook on your device after initially downloading it to a computer or iPad, go to your app store and download a free PDF reader app (I recommend Adobe). Once the app has been downloaded, you can then transfer the eBook to your device.

If you paid for the eBook, but do not receive it within 24 hours make sure to check your spam folder. If it’s still not there, don’t panic! I’m happy to help! Simply email me with a detailed description of the problem you’re having and we will figure out what the trouble is!

I cannot resolve download issues through Instagram or any other social media, so please email us if you have any trouble!

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